Collomb, Paul

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 Paul Collomb, "La Belle Vue", Oil on canvas
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Paul Collomb was born October 8, 1921 in Ain Oyonnax. He studies drawing in Paris while taking classes at the School of Applied Arts. After the Liberation, he enters the Beaux-Arts in Paris, Atelier Souverbie, works and lives with his wife at "La Ruche" where he found a studio. He travels to Tunisia. At the same time, he works in the studio and in 1948 at the Salon of the under Thirty years old, where he exposes the Woman with the lamp.

His painting, which had hitherto been marked by the fascination exercised over him by Braque and Picasso grows away because Paul Collomb realizes the danger of these too strong influences and, to maintain his independence, undertakes to return to a direct study of nature, that is, to the work on the subject.

In 1950, he presents a Nude at the Salon of the Young Painting and Nudes at the Salon des Independants. He competes for the Prix de Rome and gets the First Second Grand Prix.

In 1951, he continued his collaboration at the Salon of the Young Painting, he is part of the Committee, won the Prix Fénéon, Casa Velasquez Prize. He then stays in Toledo, Salamanca and, in June, exhibits a set of works in Madrid. He returns to France for the Salon d'Automne where he exhibits a Landscape of Toledo.
In 1953, he is invited by the Painters Witnesses of their Time (Sunday). His passion for Spain is so strong that he goes back to work there during the summer and leaves for Amsterdam in October, where for a year he is a boarder at the Institut Français at Maison Descartes. In June, the Utrecht Museum organizes an exhibition of 50 of his works on Holland and Spain.

In 1955, he is invited to the Museum of Besançon as Laureate of the Parisian Criticism. He is named member of the Salon d'Automne (Rest in the Grass).

In 1958, the Tasting under the trees (Salon of the young painting) is acquired by the City of Paris.

In 1959, he exhibits a set of pastels and drawings at the Galerie Sagot-Le-Garrec, in Paris, in May while the International Gallery of Chicago presents him in March-April among the French Contemporary Masters. He is invited to Chartres and stays during the summer on the Normandy coast in Yport. He holds a very important exhibition in Chicago in October: 50 paintings, 20 pastels, 10 drawings. In July, he wins the Grand Prix of the City of Nîmes.

In 1961, special exhibition: 30 paintings on two themes: dancers and trees, Galerie Lorenceau, in Paris; he is at Comparisons, at the Salon d'Automne, at the Dutch Institut.

In 1962, the International Gallery organizes a special exhibition in Chicago: 40 paintings, 20 pastels and drawings.

In 1964, he is invited back to the Painters Witnesses of their Time (Love). He returns to Paris and meet the philosopher Lucien Goldman with whom he had befriended during his stay at the French Institute of Amsterdam. He participates in the international group of Figurative Art in Japan.

In February 1965, he exhibits at the Salon of the Painters Witnesses of their time, theme "Bread and wine". A painting, The holiday linch, is reproduced in color in the catalogue. On the same style of composition as The holiday lunch, he performs a large painting: The lunch of friends with portraits of George Besson, Jacqueline Bret-André, painters Bardone, Jacques Petit and his wife, his friend Dr. Maigne ( Museum of Besançon). In October, special exhibition in Paris, Gallery Sagot-le-Garrec "Watercolors and drawings" with a preface by George Besson.

In 1966, he participates in Souillac and the Cahors Museum at the exhibition "Group of 20" organized by Juliette Darle; then to the Baux-de-Provence "Continuity of French Painting" from Renoir, Marquet, Bonnard till today.

In May-June 1967, he appears in the exhibition at the castle of Saint-Ouen, organized by Juliette Darle, entitled "20 painters of today" with several paintings. From July to September, at the Museum of d'Annecy, a very important exhibition on 10 years of painting, George Besson writes the preface of the catalogue.

In 1968, the Francis Smith Prize was awarded to him. The prize consisting of a month's stay in Portugal, he goes there with his wife and son by taking the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela. He spends a few days in the north of Portugal, in the mountainous region of Minho; he makes many drawings during the pilgrimage of Sao Bento. That year, Micheline Sandrel comes to his apartment for a report for television.
In April 1969, following the Francis Smith Prize, he made a special exhibition of a set of canvases, watercolors and drawings at Casa de Portugal in Paris. In October, he goes to Amsterdam for Rembrandt's anniversary exhibition. He participates in the traveling exhibition "Contemporary French Painting" in major cities of Canada; as well as in Tokyo "Contemporary French Art" and in Manchester.

In March 1970, a special exhibition at the Galerie Mignon-Massart in Nantes entitled "Faces of Portugal", preface by George Besson. Special exhibition in Chicago (International Gallery), paintings, watercolors, pastels. In October, the International Gallery of Chicago organizes a special exhibition in Louisville (USA). On the radio, Roger Bouillot devotes two programs to him in his column: "Discophile Contemporaries".

In August 1971, he participates in the group exhibition in Hong Kong "French Art" organized by the Cultural Relations of Foreign Trade.

In February 1972:  special exhibition at the Galerie Marcel Guiotwith, preface to the catalogue by Jean Dalevèze, the main themes are characters in the trees, fruit branches on the sky, snow landscapes. In November, he travels to Vevey, Switzerland, for the opening of his special exhibition (Galerie Alpha).

In 1973, his friend, the Polish painter K. Ostrowski, organizes a special exhibition of lithographs at B.W.A. of Gdnynia (Poland). In May, he makesa trip to Grenoble, for his particular exhibition, Au Temps Retrouvé, for which Bergotte writes the preface. The Marcel Guiot gallery organizes a special exhibition in Caracas (Venezuela), Galerie Marcos Castillo, taking up Jean Dalevèze's preface to the catalogue. The Museum of Saint-Denis buys La Fenêtre, a large canvas, 100 Figure.

In 1974, the Galerie Guiot presents, in Paris, a set of his lithographic work.

In 1975, he travels to Austria and Germany during the summer to visit the museums of Vienna and Munich.

In 1977, the International Gallery organizes a special exhibition in Lake Forest (USA).

In 1978, a new special exhibition at the Galerie Guiot in Paris, on the main theme of the Marais Poitevin, at the same time as a presentation of the book "About lithography" (Editions Alphonse-Marré), master builder Jérôme Feugereux. In this book, reflections by Paul Collomb on his conception of lithography and largely on his conception of painting. It begins, in June, some studies of shipwrecks, in Brittany, in the area of Concarneau.

In November 1980, a special exhibition in Luxembourg (Galerie Marly). Several of his lithographs enter the Gdansk Museum (Poland).

In May 1981, a very important exhibition on the theme "20 years of painting" at the Museum of Bourg-en-Bresse, with a catalogue prefaced by the curator of the museum, Françoise Baudson. At the same time, at the Albert Camus Cultural Center in the same city, there is an exhibition of all his lithographic work.

In 1982, he is at the first Salon d'Angers organized by Jean Commère.

In 1983, his particular exhibition at the Guiot gallery in Paris bring together his main paintings of the last five years: wrecks, harlequins, flower markets, still lifes. In summer, he travels to Prague and Vienna and reviews the museums.

In 1984, he is invited to the France-Japan exhibition organized by Art Yomiuri. The whole exhibition will circulate until the end of the year 1984 in the various Japanese museums and the main cities of this country: Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka.

In 1981, 20 years of painting in Bourg en Bresse.

In 1986, monograph by Bertrand Duplessis.

In 1989, thesis on the artist by Benoît Giraud.

In 1992, retrospective at Angers (from 1943 to 1992). Paintings, drawings, watercolors, pastels, lithographs. Catalogue with thirty color reproductions. Foreword Jean Pérol.

In 1996, O.JI-HO Award for the first time awarded to an European painter.

Paul Collomb dies on October 6th, 2010 in Paris.

Most of this information is taken from the excellent site dedicated to the painter and his work, and that I advise you to visit.

Prizes / Awards

1950: first second Grand Prix of Rome
1951: prize of Casa de Velãsquez
1951: Fénéon prize
1955: laureate of the Parisian Criticism
1959: Grand Prix of the city of Nîmes
1968: Francis Smith Award
1996: Carmon Grand Prize awarded by the Taylor Foundation for his work
1996: O.JI-HO Prize awarded for the first time to a European by the Kwang-Ju Museum
2002: gold medal at Salon Violet in Paris
2004: Gold Medal for Arts, Science and Letters
2005: Charles Cottet Award from Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts
2006: Grand Prix Puvis de Chavannes

Paintings exhibited at the Salons

Le Nu au Fauteuil, 1949, oil on canvas exhibited in Clermont-Ferrand in 2007
Landscape of Toledo, 1951, exhibited at the Salon d'Automne
The Passenger of Gois, acquired by the city of Angers in 1987
The Great Wheat Fields, Salon Comparisons of 1992
La Tricoteuse, appears at the exhibition of La Ruche at the Montparnasse Museum in 2003
The holiday lunch, Françoise with the basket, are among the twelve paintings exhibited at the Salon de Poré sur Vie (Vendée) in 2003
Man in the Tree, The Big Umbrella, exhibited at the Bourges Salon in 2003 with thirteen other works
The picking of apples, Fruit compotiers, Cherry compotier, Florist before the sea, exhibited at the 2007 Cannes Salon

Paull Collomb, Oil on canvas "The beautiful view"

1948: Salon of Under Thirty Years Old
1950: Salon of the Young Painting - Salon des Independants
1951: Exhibition Madrid (Spain), Salon d'Automne (member in 1955), Salon of the Young Painting
1953: Utrecht Museum, guest of the Painters Witnesses of their time
1959: Gallery Sagot - The Garrec in Paris, International Gallery of Chicago
1961: Galerie Lorenceau in Paris, Salon Comparaisons, Salon d'Automne, Dutch Institute
1962: International Gallery organizes an exhibition in Chicago
1964: The Painters Witnesses of their Time, participation in the International group of Figurative Art in Japan
1965: Painters Witnesses of their time, gallery Sagot - Le Garrec
1966: The Group of Twenty at Souillac and the Cahors Museum
1967: St Ouen Castle, Annecy Museum
1969: Casa de Portugal in Paris, traveling exhibition in Canada "La Peinture Contemporaine Française", Tokyo, Manchester
1970: Galerie Mignon Massart in Nantes - International Gallery in Chicago and Louisville
1971: Hong Kong "French Art"
1972: Marcel Guiot Gallery, Alpha Vevey Gallery (Switzerland)
1973: B.W.A from Gdnynia (Poland), Grenoble, Caracas (Venezuela) Marcos Castillo Gallery
1974: Marcel Guiot Gallery in Paris
1977: Lake Forest (United States)
1978: Guiot Gallery in Paris
1980: Gallery Marly Luxembourg
1982: exhibited at the 1st Salon d'Angers organized by Jean Commère
1983: Guiot Gallery in Paris
1984: Traveling exhibitions in Japan
1986: Exhibits his lithographs at the Franco Japanese Institute in Tokyo. Oyonnax, Aragon Cultural Center
1987: Casa de Velãsquez, Caen, Institute of France in Paris, Toulouse, Hermance Gallery Geneva, Avignon, Wimereux Chevrier Chapel Salon d'Automne, Angers, Galerie des Granges in Lyon, Hong Kong, Japan
1988: Expo in Hong Kong, Nîmes at the Galerie des Arts. Grenoble, Barbizon, Avignon: Galerie JM Menez, Salon 'Comparaisons', Versailles, Galerie Alphonse Marré in Chartres, Grenoble, 'Salon d'Automne', 'Salon de la Marine' in Paris, Triade Gallery, Salon of Drawing and Painting Water Painting, Wimereux,
1989: Grenoble, Lyon, Florence, Saint-Jean de Monts, from June traveling exhibitions in Japan, Grenoble, Cameroon Galerie Guiot in Paris,
1990: Toulouse, Vonnas, Thonon, Avignon, Fontainebleau, Barbizon, National School of Fine Arts of Paris
1991: Lyon, Grenoble, Japan, National Assembly in Paris, Salon d'Angers, Barbizon,
1992: Tokyo, Salon Comparaisons in Paris, Salon of Drawing and Water Painting in Paris, Grenoble, Fontainebleau, Angers Retrospective organized by the city
2000: Saint-Claude Retrospective
2003: Museum of Montparnasse exhibition on the artists of "La Ruche (1902-2002)", guest of honor of the International Exhibition of Bourges, travel and work in Marrakech (Morocco), Poiré sur Vie (Vendée), guest of honor Salon Bourges, Salon Beucheley (Yvelines)
2004: Manoir de Villedoin (36330 Velles), Hermance Gallery in Geneva (Switzerland), Donation to his hometown, exhibition at Galerie Ex Libis in Oyonnax, exhibition with Paul Ambille, Thierry Citron, Alain Bellanger at Manoir de Villedoin in Velles in the Indre
2005: Donation second part to his hometown works of the years 1950-1975, Salon de Bourg en Bresse, Salon de Condé sur Noirau, Chateau de la Bertrandière next to Saint-Etienne
2006: Nancy with Claude Schürr and Pierre Loeb at the Galerie Les Artistes Témoins, Geneva, Donation to Oyonnax period 1975-2000
2007: Exhibition in Nancy, Guest of honor of the City of Cannes, exhibition at the art museum Roger-Quilliot in Clermont-Ferrand, National Society of Fine Arts of Paris, presentation of five large paintings
2008: Aragon Cultural Center in Oyonnax, Galerie Marie Demange Priory in Rethondes

Museums and public collections

École des beaux-arts de Paris
School of Casa Velasquez (Madrid-Spain)
Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris
Museum of Modern Art Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Museum of Jakarta (Indonesia)
Tel Aviv Museum (Israel)
Museum of Modern Art of New York
Museum of Bagnols-sur-Cèze
Museum of Saint Denis
Museum of Ain
Museums of Poitiers
Belfort Museum
Toulon Museum
Museum of Besancon
Museum of Figurative Art of Fontainebleau
Museum of Gdansk (Poland)
Museum of Sands of Olonne
Vinay Museum
Museum of Saint Anthony
Annecy Museum
Museum of Saint-Maur
Desnoyer Foundation
Museum of Saint Cyprien
National Library Paris (whole of the engraved work)
Kwang-Ju Museum (South Korea)
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