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Dominique PERY Nu "Marianne" Huile sur toile 1987 
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Born in Charleville in the Ardennes. Prix ​​du Louvre 1993. Medal of the Mazarine Academy 2008.

Dominique Péry studied the history of Art, composition and various pictorial techniques, as well as the restoration of old paintings. In 1993, he took part in the national museum competition (Create according to the masters): from the Meal of peasants by the Le Nain brothers, he composed a painting which enabled him to be selected and to exhibit at the Louvre museum. that same year. His work is dominated by themes declined in series of paintings. His primary quest is the history of human precariousness and the search for comforting and absolute Love.

The theme of his painting

Dominique Péry works mainly by themes. The tables, which are systematically part of a series, each develop a facet of the theme addressed. He engages in the plurality of styles, which determines his pictorial history.

Among these :

Gray period - 1982
Lunar period - 1985
Ondes Hendrixiennes in November - 1986
Biblical period - 1987
Dark period - 1988
The Stone-Headed Men - 1989
Symphonic landscapes - 1992-1993
The Metal Season - 1994-1995
Farmer variations - 1997
Grand requiem Patri / Roma - 1999
Musical pigment - 2001
Are we Don Quixotes? - 2003-2005
Lux eternam - 2006-2008
Love is unique - 2008
Puppets in festival - 2009
Multiple shadows - 2009
Naked story - 2010-2011
Are we puppets? - 2015-2016
A painting in the pots - 2016-2017
Still lifes - 2018-2019