It is at the beginning of the 20th century that French painting knows its revolution with the Fauvism which definitively changes the way to apprehend the subject. Shortly after, Cubism will change drastically the way of conceiving it. These two movements, breaking with the past, are nevertheless inspired by it and find their roots in it. In the same way, other movements will follow them, to prolong them or to fight them. (read more...)

The object of our gallery is to propose a catalogue of works of this century so rich in talents and discoveries, in scientific, philosophical, social and political innovations, unfortunately marked by monstrous local and planetary conflicts. All this has not been without consequence on individuals, and this is what the painters of this century show or suggest to us. The adventure they propose takes us to pleasant and comfortable sites, other upsetting and dangerous, but also complex places where the observation of the subject or human nature requires so much attention. Be that as it may, the testimony they leave us is that of the mind and the heart. We also present permanent exhibitions of modern or contemporary artists. We hope you will enjoy following them. Georges Mercier

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