Fortuné Car was born in 1905 in Marseille and died in 1970. He is a famous Provençal artist born in a family where painting is transmitted from generation to generation. In the 1930s, he takes over the studio of his uncle, theater designer. This vast workshop will allow him to create sets for concert halls and theaters in the region, including the Opéra de Marseille. In 1939, mobilized, Fortuné Car entrusts his workshop to his younger brother. On his return, he abandones the painting of stage sets to move towards painting easel. In this district of the Vieux-Port, he very quickly finds his way in the vein of Provencal painting, with its landscapes of the hinterland, its small ports of the coast and its scenes of fishermen. His painting, strong and colorful, enriched with a beautiful material born of his mastery of the brush and especially the knife, has gradually been exposed throughout France. His image as a painter of Provence has also been exported, particularly in Canada, where Fortuné Car was a member of the Royal Academy of Painting of Montreal.

He had a studio-exhibition at Èze-Village in the Alpes Maritimes. The company Yvon printed postcards of several of his paintings in the sixties.