Fortuné CAR, Landscape and Village in Provence, 1940s

Oil on panel of hardboard - Ref 03009

by Fortuné CAR (1905-1970)

France, 1940s


with frame : 61x88 cm - 24x34.6 inches

without frame : 54x81 cm - 21.25x31.9 inches

Format 25M

Signed "Fortuné Car" (see photo)

Excellent condition !

In its modern frame gilded with gold leaf

Typical subject of the Provencal landscape school of the 20th century, of which Fortuné Car is one of the main representatives. Fortuné Car abandons the marines here to take us to the Provençal hinterland. We find the sense of the decorative composition in which he was master due to his training. A work with contrasting colors that is difficult to capture perfectly here in the photos. A powerful work as the light that reigns on this blessed country requires.

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