Paul-Alex Deschmacker, Young Woman Lying By The Sea, Watercolor, 1920s

Watercolor on paper - Ref 02709


France, 1920s

This watercolor is in the classical period populated by mythological characters of Paul-Alex Deschmacker, itself becoming part of the Art Deco movement then at its peak. Unlike a martial classicism sometimes present in this period, we are dealing here with an intimate poetic classicism., . Paul Alex Deshmaker is revealed to be a great colourist in the line of Charles Dufresne then at the peak of his art.

with frame : 47.5x57.8 cm - 18.7x22.75 inches

without frame : 25.5x37.5 cm - 10x14.8 inches

Signed "Paul Alex Deschmacker" at the lower left (see photo)

The condition is excellent

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