Maurice DUFRENE Study, 3 Lithographs, 1906

Set of three lithographs enhanced with gouache by Maurice Dufrène. Three original plans of "Interieur Moderne d'une Famille Française" by Maurice Dufrene in 1906.

These three plans are the illustration of a study. The foreground shows a general view of the room; paneling, uprights, transom, bay, door, shelf, cartonnier and desk; waxed mahogany armchair, leather seat and back; drapery, berry, curtain, electric lamp and carpet. On the second, we zoom in on the corner bookcase, the tablet, the chair (all in waxed mahogany) and the fireplace (flamed sandstone, English copper gallery). On the third lithograph, you can see details of the office cabinet, the desk, the stained glass transom and the door. Lock and drawer handle in weathered copper too. The three plans are signed "Maurice Dufrène".

These plans are No. 8, No. 9, No. 10 of 18 which make up the entire illustration of this book.

The opportunities to acquire this type of works by Maurice Dufrène or any other renowned French Art Deco creator are more than rare. If you want to decorate your walls with these plans, all you need to do is select the frames that match your taste.

Dimensions of each plane: 52cm x 36cm (20.47 "x 14.17")

Condition - n ° 8: discolorations on the edges. n ° 9: slight discolourations on the edges. n ° 6: discoloration around the edges, fold on the bottom right corner, tearing of the bottom edge in the middle. n ° 10: discoloration on the edges, slight fold of the corner in the lower right, some freckles. Many of these defects will be hidden by the mat. Thank you for looking carefully at the pictures. Delivered without frame

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