Jules Gouillet, Oil on canvas "Architectural and floral composition", 1907

Oil on canvas - Ref 12106

by Jules GOUILLET (1826-)

France, 1907


with frame: 113x87 cm - 44.5x 34.3 inches

without frame: 73x60 cm - 28.7x 23.6 inches

20F format

Signed lower left "J.Gouillet" and dated "1907" (see photo)

Excellent condition. Two small repairs on the back (see photo)

This painting was recently restored and cleaned by a professional working for the national museums

The frame matches the painting (style and patterns)

Born in Versailles on June 11, 1826. Pupil of J. Chazal at Wachsmuth. He began at the Salon of 1847 and continued to exhibit paintings, although also devoted to the decoration of prestigious ceramics

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