Edouard Goerg, Les 3 Brunes, 1955


by Edouard GOERG (1893-1969)

France, 1955


with frame : 114x95cm - 44.9x37.4 inches

without frame : 92.2x73 cm - 36.3x28.75 inches

format 30F

Signed "E.Goerg" (see photo)

On the back, inscription by the hand of the painter "Les 3 brunes E. Goerg mai-Juin 1955"

One of his masterpieces in theme and format!

Excellent condition !

Edouard Goerg possessed an immediately identifiable and particularly poetic style, which made him one of the most sought-after French painters of his time. One could draw many comparisons between her life and that of Chagall, both marked by the death of adored wives, and by the emergence of the work that followed. On this subject, art critics comparing the work of the two painters wondered which of the two was at the origin of the flowery themes developed, on the one hand, by Edouard Goerg through his flower-women and, on the other hand, by Marc Chagall in the continuation of his work.. Read his biography

Thus Goerg developed a dreamlike imagination highly prized by collectors, where women and flowers would become inseparable.

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