Alexander Ivanovich Ivanoff, Russian painter of the School of Paris, was born in January 1896 in Odessa. He was already painting while studying at the Kyiv University of Mathematics. He emigrated to Constantinople, then settled in Serbia to return to Turkey where he joined the Union of Russian Artists of Constantinople. In 1924, he arrived at Montparnasse in Paris where he attended the Colarossi Academy. In 1927 he participated in an exhibition of painters of the "Horde of Montparnasse". (From 1900, a group of artists called "the Horde of Montparnasse" exposed open-air canvases on the ground at the "turnip market". This market was a great success). He exhibited at the Galerie Jacques (1928), the French Atelier in 1929, participated in the Salon des Independants (1941-1960) as many Russian artists of emigration.

After the war, he participated in the exhibitions of the Union of Soviet Patriots.

He died in 1958.

Alexandre Ivanoff represented here his wife Simone.

This painting, painted in her studio at 83, bd de Montparnasse in 1939, represents Simone as a Ukrainian peasant girl!


1929 : Galerie Jacques

1929 : Atelier Français

de 1941 à 1960 : Salon des Indépendants

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