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Michel Jouenne is part of this nursery of talents from the "Young Painting of the Fifties". Since then he has never disappointed. He placed himself on the soil of Figurative Art. All his exhibitions bear witness to a creation that does not age. He remains attached to the gray walls, to the havens of silence of the rocks of Eygalières, Baux, Moustiers ... He astonishes by its materials, opaque and translucent at the same time, his large watercolored and troweled plans, luminous, unctuous, porcelain shimmering . In each painting, it is the joy of its creation of the landscapes or the marines: silent landscapes opposed to the roars of the waves. (Guy Vignoht "Universe of the Arts")


1933: Michel Jouenne was born on January 25th in Boulogne-sur-Seine from an engineer father and a mother decorator at the Sèvres factory.

1947: Studies at Lycée Claude-Bernard, beginning of his first gouaches.

1949: First artistic event at the Salon de Versailles where he exhibits three watercolors, one of which will be awarded.

1955: He passes the competition of the professorship of drawing of the city of Paris

1956: First oils, lle-de-France inspires him.

1957: He gets married in September with Simone, of whom he will have three sons, Christian - François - Bernard. He makes many compositions with game and poultry.

1958: He leaves for the military service which will last two years. In Kabylia he paints many pochades during the nap.

1965: Departure for Spain where he finds the warm tones discovered in Algeria; he will exhibit them the following year at the Burgos Gallery in New York where he is a great success.

1969: He participates for the first time to the Painters Witnesses of their Time: "Research and discovery of modern science". Apart from this date, he will regularly exhibit each year in the main Parisian salons. P.T.T. Comparison. Fall. S.N.B.A. Independent. Water color.

1970: He performs his first lithography commissioned by a New York merchant.

1973: He has a workshop built in Meudon where he can finally work at his ease. He signs an exclusive contract for Japan. He won first prize in lithography. He exhibited at the museum Galliera the painting "Cemetery of cars".

1974: The Vantadour Gallery in Saint-Emilion managed by Mr. Cottin publishes a book on his work. He will be the guest of honor with fifteen large paintings at the living room "Society live arts" in Châlons-sur-Marne.

1975: He enters the Guigné Gallery.

1989: His eldest son Christian, architect, build a splendid workshop in full scrubland at the foot of the Alpilles. From this date, his time will be shared between his workshop in Meudon and that of Eygalières.

1990: He stays in Venice and presents an important exhibition at the Saint-Hubert gallery in Lyon.

1991: He is named official painter of the Navy.

1992: He embarks on various boats of the Navy. On the occasion of Brest 92, he stays on the aviso Jean Moulin and draws.

1993: President of the Salon d'Angers

1994: In Rouen, on the occasion of the Armada of Freedom, he embarked on the helicopter carrier Jeanne d'Arc.

2000: Great Medal of Vermeil-Art Sciences and Letters.

2001: Great vermeil medal of the city of Paris.

2002: Opening of the JOUENNE Museum in Saint Rémy-de-Provence.

2006: Great Gold Medal Arts-Sciences-Letters.


1957 - Saint-Placide Gallery, Paris.

1960 - Saint-Placide Gallery, Paris.

1962 - Saint-Placide Gallery, Paris (watercolors).

1966 - Prestige Arts Gallery, Paris. Burgos Gallery, New York.

1967 - Majestic Gallery, Biarritz.

1968 - Saint-Placide Gallery, Paris.

1969 - Center for Culture, Meudon. Galerie Indifferent, Lyon.

1970 - Cécile Gallery, New York. Orangery of Luxembourg, Paris.

1971 - Opera Theater, Paris.

1972 - Colette Dubois Gallery, Paris. Vesastadens Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden.

1973 - Charrier Gallery, Amiens.

1974 - Latapie Gallery, Toulouse. Ventadour Gallery, SaintEmilion. Ajaccio Gallery, Corsica.

1975 - Colette Dubois Gallery, Paris.

1976 - Gallery of Cours Langlet, Reims. Charrier Gallery, Amiens. Galerie Marbach, Mulhouse.

1977 - Alpha Gallery, Vevey. Guigné Gallery, Paris. Museum of Fine Arts, Léon Dierx, Saint-Denis of Reunion. Vesastadens Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden.

1978 - Oil Mill Gallery, Maussane-les-Alpilles.

1979 - Municipal Gallery, Dax (Hénot Gallery). Ajaccio Gallery, Corsica. Guigné Gallery, Paris (watercolors). Crédit Agricole, Orange.

1980 - Gallery of Cours Langlet, Reims. Galerie Garnier, Amiens. Galerie Jack Renaud, Montfermeil. Roubeau Gallery, Saint Anthony the Abbey. Guigné Gallery, Paris. Cultural Center of Soissons. Galerie de la rue Ancienne, Claudine Tarab, Geneva.

1981 - Banque Populaire of Tarbes (Hénot Gallery). Kunststube-Küsnacht Gallery, Switzerland. Galerie Garnier, Amiens.

1982 - Billot Gallery, Annecy. Center Ronéo, (Art in the company), Paris. Presence Gallery, Brussels. Galerie Guigné (presentation and dedication of the book prefaced by André Cogner), Paris. AM Golden Boden Gallery, Switzerland.

1983 - Guigné Gallery, Paris. Théry Gallery, Boulogne-sur-Mer.

1984 - Jean Jury Gallery, Clermont-Ferrand. Guigné Gallery, Paris. Château d'Aubenas (Ardèche), 10 years of painting. Gallery Ibis, Vannes. Presence Gallery, Brussels. Siegrist Gallery, Will, Switzerland.

1985 - Patrick Héraud Gallery, Taulenne-Langon.

1986 - Guigné Gallery, Paris. Jean-jury gallery, Clermont-Ferrand. Richard Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland. Eisenberger Gallery, Berne, Switzerland. Siegrist Gallery, Will, Switzerland.

1987 - Maïté Aubert Gallery, Nantes. Galerie Hélène Prince, (watercolors, lithographs), Paris. Eisenberger Gallery, Coppet, Switzerland. Saint-Hubert Gallery, Lyon. Sanguine Gallery, La Rochelle. Galerie Albert 1 ", Antibes, Congress Hall, Ajaccio, Corsica, Glashaus Gallery, Zub, Switzerland.

1988 - Eisenberger Gallery, Berne, Switzerland. Siegrist Gallery, Will, Switzerland. Gallery the Friend of the letters, Bordeaux. Ivory Hotel, Abidjan.

1989 - Guigné Gallery, Paris. Galerie Maïté Aubert, Le Havre. Albert ler Gallery, Antibes. Espace Diamant, Ajaccio.

1990 - Saint-Hubert Gallery, Lyon. Sanguine Gallery, La Rochelle. Richard Gallery, Zurich. Galerie Hélène Prince, Paris. 1991 -

Galerie Gourdon, Castellet. Bouscayrol Gallery, Pau. Guigné Gallery (Provence de Giono, lithographs), Paris.

1992 - Guigné Gallery, Paris. Galerie Maïté Aubert, Le Havre. Saint Hubert Gallery. Albert 1st Antibes Gallery. The Gallery, Ajaccio. Moulin de Vauboyen, Bièvres.

1993 - Gallery Gantois Cannes. Galerie Léadouze ("Vines and orchards", lithographs), Paris. Lacroix Gallery, La Rochelle.

1994 - Dufour Gallery, Amiens. Henot Gallery, Enghien. Castle Gallery, Noirmoutier. Galerie Léadouze, Paris.

1995 - The Gallery, Ajaccio. The Aurore Gallery, Croissy-Luxe Estate. Maïté Aubert, Le Havre.

1997- Hénot Enghien Gallery

2000- Hénot Enghien Gallery


Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris

Petit Palais Museum, Geneva. Museum of Ile-de-France, Fontainebleau

Museum of Vârlden, Sweden

Museum of Baux-de-Provence

Nicolas Sursock Museum, Beirut

Prefecture of Seine-et-Oise

Prefecture of Yvelines

Prefecture of Ardeche

General Council of Yvelines

Cities of Paris, Taverny, Mantes-la-Jolie, Versailles, Viroflay, Deuil-la-Barre, Aubenas, Fontenay-aux-Roses, Angers, Mulhouse, Eygalieres.

Presidency of the French Republic.