Louis PEYRAT (1911-1999) is a French painter born on November 30, 1911 in Las Gorceix in Saint-Germain-les-belles near Limoges. He attended the Martoulet school, near his home, and obtained his certificate of study. He goes to live with his parents, rue de la Bergère in Limoges and he apprentices in cabinetmaking. In parallel, he studies by correspondence at the universal school. Received in his exam, he works in an architecture firm, rue Turgot in Limoges. It is for his leisure that he attended the school of decorative arts in Limoges. In 1934, he moved his parents to Martoulet and bought a house where he devoted himself to painting.In 1948, he exhibited at the gallery Magadoux in Limoges, then in Royan and other galleries. From 1958, he favors the views of Paris, especially those of Montmartre, which will make his success. Thus he accesses the Volney Circle* and the Parisian galleries such as the Roussard Gallery, at Mont-Cenis street in Montmartre, a few steps from the Place du Tertre, alongside works by Degas, Pascin, Creixams, Derain , Domergue, Buffet, Braque, Picasso, Foujita, Utrillo, Laurencin, etc.Until 1969, when he stopped painting because of a traffic accident suffered in 1963, his success enabled him to live comfortably in his painting. He died on March 13, 1999 at Martoulet in Saint-Germain-les-belles.

* The Volney Circle, actually the Artistic and Literary Circle, was a circle of Parisian artists and writers. He was meeting near the Opera House at Volney Street No. 7. Prestigious exhibitions of painting were organized there.