Raymond, Bertrand

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Bertrand Raymond grew up in Saint Gervais in Vienne. He was 15 when he spoke of his intention to become a designer. From this time, he drew a lot. At the same time, painting allowed him to express his sensitivity freed from all constraints.

This is how he followed the Beaux-Arts courses in Poitiers, then entered the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne in 1995. From the start, the fashion houses with which he works are prestigious: Sonya Rykiel who lets him freely express his personal style, Pierre Balmain for whom he designs children's collections. And many others.

In another register, Louis Féraud calls on his talent to participate in the creation and the realization of his 1998 jewelry collection. A further proof of the variety of his dispositions.

"The only limit I impose on myself is that of the purpose, the function, the rest is belongs to me"

In the same time, he applies his art to furniture, lighting, ... His protean inspiration allows him to say: "The only limit I impose on myself is that of the purpose, of the function, the rest belongs to me." .

But, his thirst for creation leads him to extricate himself from the constraints linked to the applied arts and this is how he gives free rein to his creativity in painting and sculpture. This is where his being is expressed in its most personal, most intimate dimension. To do this, he uses the most varied, even unexpected, materials: wood, resin, latex, mortar, burlap or even coffee and clay.

Antoni Tapies is certainly his master, and his work his most significant source of inspiration. He also likes to quote Julian Schnabel, Robert Rauschenberg, as well as Richard Deacon for the sculpture.

It is this very particular universe that makes his painted work so singular, so intimate. It is for this last reason and out of modesty that he will hesitate to show, then to propose his achievements. Thus, few private collections are able to present them. But it was after taking these first "targeted" steps with these collections that we finally succeeded in convincing them to exhibit at the Montmartre-Montparnasse gallery.

We hope you will be touched by the authenticity and depth of his work.