Pierre Trofimoff, Oil on canvas "The house of Madame Pomet"

OIL ON CANVAS - Ref 01808

by Pierre TROFIMOFF (1925-1996)

France, 1964


Another version of Madame Pomet's house, very similar to the one and titled alike, is in the book "Trofimoff" by Jacqueline de Grandmaison, Editions Vision on the Arts, Béziers, 1978

page 85, full-color B & W illustration

with frame: 68.6x79.5 cm - 27x31.3 inches

without frame: 50x61 cm - 19.7x24 inches

format 12F

Signed "Trofimoff" and dated "64"

Titled on the back

(see photos)

Excellent condition !

"The house of Madame Pomet testifies to a certain relationship with Mathieu Verdilhan. No mystery: Trofimoff feels the same attraction as Verdilhan for the robustness, the purification of forms, the richness of the material" ( (Jacqueline de Grandmaison)


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