Cesar Vilot, Oil on canvas "Young lady portrait"

OIL ON CANVAS - Ref 11806

by César VILOT (1900-)

France, ca.1930

Portrait of young woman

with frame: 70x62cm - 27.6x24.4 inches

without frame: 54.5x46 cm - 21.5x18.1 inches

Signed "César Vilot" (see photo)

Excellent condition !


At first glance, this painting could be compared to the work of Jean-Gabriel Domergue. In my opinion, this is abusive. In the sense that the general appearance of this young woman, seeming to tend towards the work of the latter, can abuse the judgment. Because what is expressed or emerging here is not at all comparable to the work of Domergue. Where the latter, great worldly painter, invent us a style focused on aesthetics, a subtle exaggeration and a mannerism claimed, Vilot favour us here with a moving and sensitive work. The diaphanous touch of the painter highlights the grace of this appearance, the delicacy of the skin, the slenderness of the neck, the beauty of the mouth, the size and depth of the kind eyes of sensitivity and gentleness, the distinguished and perfect hairstyle. All this as a dreamlike, harmonious and charming mirage.

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